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For power plant owners, operators, investors and contractors performance testing is a key step in showing that a plant operates in accordance with the theoretically or contractually expected figures. For a new, refurbished or overhauled power plant, performance (guarantee) testing provides evidence that the plant’s capacity and / or rate of conversion of fuel into electricity (heat rate) meet(s) the contractually agreed figures. As the results of a performance test are often key elements in the official take-over of the power plant by the new owner from the EPC-contractor or the previous owner (and are the basis of possible bonuses or liquidated damages that can run into the millions), they must be undisputable and acceptable by all parties involved. The performance test results can also be used in a Due Diligence that is often applied in case of an (intended) change of ownership of the power plant. CerTa Veritas B.V. provides high level, independent third party performance testing services for thermal power plants all over the world.

Project locations CerTa Veritas / former PTM team of KEMA (click to enlarge)
Steam drum on top of biomass plant on Sicily (performance test was witnessed by consultant of CerTa Veritas)

CerTa Veritas originated in May 2016 from the former PTM group of KEMA. This “Process Technology, Performance Testing and Measurement” group of KEMA had more than 30 years experience in conducting performance tests with own calibrated instrumentation and in independent third party witnessing of such tests.

Our customers can also opt for an on-line performance assessment using our dedicated, flexible ThermoWare-based  performance monitoring system, that keeps track of the performance of the plant and its components,  and presents the information in informative, clear (and user configurable) process mimics and historic trends.

To test whether a power plant can provide an adequate reaction on a deviation in grid frequency (as is required by the national grid code), we offer a frequency response test service.

Furthermore the group provides high level process simulation services with respect to energy conversion systems, both steady state (flow sheet calculations, mass and energy balances) as well as dynamic behavior of power plants.

In addition CerTa Veritas analyzes large process data sets from power plants with a dedicated, highly efficient data-analysis tool MagicCorr to quickly identify performance degradation and find correlations between process variables to learn from the customer’s process history in order to improve future operation.

CerTa Veritas continues to offer as independent, dedicated company these high level performance related services for thermal power plants formerly offered by KEMA. The deep knowledge of power plant processes, performance assessments and international performance test codes and standards also makes CerTa Veritas an appropriate consultant in performance related arbitrage matters.

Since 2022 CerTa Veritas also provides Steam Trap Testing Services, helping our clients to identify difficult to find (and costly) steam losses in their steam system.

Impression of some power plants, where CerTa Veritas employees provided performance testing services

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CerTa Veritas B.V. is ISO 9001:2015 certified (by DEKRA, Certificate number: 2199331).

ISO 9001 Quality Certificate
diagram CC_dual firing
Example diagram of system boundary for gas turbine combined cycle plant  (click to enlarge)

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