Performance Monitoring

Principle diagram performance monitoring based on (on-line or off-line) determination of relevant performance indicators corrected to site reference conditions and comparison with baseline performance (e.g. as assessed during last performance test).

Gas turbine performance monitoring mimic


Easily get insight in actual performance  and  degradation of your power plant enabling you to take adequate action,  avoid unnecessary controllable losses and save money!

THERMOWARE© is an in house developed software application, which provides a dedicated, flexible tool for data acquisition and data processing of power plants, resulting in on-line calculation and analysis of the thermodynamic key performance parameters of your power plant. It contains amongst others an extensive library of software routines for calculation of the relevant thermodynamic properties of the process media in a power plant process, like steam/water, air, natural gas and flue gases.

ThermoWare: the flexible solution for performance engineers and operators

THERMOWARE© is the must have tool essential to collect information for on-line and off-line power plant process optimization and reducing controllable losses. The THERMOWARE© package is also used for performance testing of power plant components supplied by the highest ranked manufacturers, like GE, Siemens, MHPS, DaeWoo, with calibrated instrumentation ensuring a high level quality performance reference. Suitable for high level users and developers, but also providing easy access by intranet for operators and plant staff to Process Mimics, Graphs, Trends and pre-configured Reports.

ThermoWare performance monitoring

A ThermoWare-based performance monitoring system calculates on-line mass and heat balances of a power plant and its main components, providing the values of not directly measured (or measurable) process variables and relevant performance indicators. In general the actual performance indicators are corrected to a fixed set of reference conditions, to make them comparable with a baseline reference, and easily detect degradation.


  • Gas turbine performance monitoring
  • HRSG efficiency & pinch point trending
  • Steam Turbine balance & Stage efficiency
  • Condenser predicted pressure and heat transfer coefficient
  • Cooling tower Merkel Calculations
  • Generator efficiency & shaft power calculation
  • Actual and historic evaluations at a glance
  • High value for money and easy to install and maintain
Example of Thermolyse: Gas Turbine Heat Balanced Air Flow Dialog (calculating the air flow through compressor)
Example of Thermolyse: Gas Turbine Heat Balanced Air Flow Dialog (calculating the air flow through compressor)

Comparison of corrected gas turbine efficiency versus corrected power output to baseline reference efficiency (red dashed line) as determined during last performance test
Structure of Thermoware based performance monitoring system
Performance monitoring of a “2x2x1” combined cycle power plant with 2 gas turbines, 2 heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and 1 steam turbine.

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