White paper “Methods and applications to monitor and identify performance related issues” available

In September 2020 CerTa Veritas released the white paper  “Methods and applications to monitor and identify performance related issues for power plants”. This paper describes the set of methodologies, tools and services that CerTa Veritas can provide, to tackle and/or monitor operational performance issues in power plants in an efficient way. The three methods are:

  1. Model based validation of measurements and performance prediction at actual load and site conditions
  2. Monitoring of performance by (on-line)  determination of (corrected) performance indicators and comparison with ‘base-line performance’
  3. Historic data analysis (with an efficient and powerful tool) to quickly find correlations between variables and possible root causes for performance issues.

Depending on your specific needs in relation to your performance issues/questions, we expect that one of the three powerful methods will be very helpful to deal with them. For more information (and/or a request for the white paper) contact Sjoerd van Rijen (Sjoerd.vanRijen@certaveritas.com)