Performance Measurements

Foundation Fieldbus based measurement system that enables quick installation, configuration and commissioning of a temporary, high precision measurement system for measuring and logging primary process variables needed in a performance test.


New measurement techniques for demanding markets

The team of CerTa Veritas (as independent continuation of the former Process Technology and Measurements team of KEMA) has conducted performance related tests and assessments in power stations for more than 30 years. CerTa Veritas offers measuring and consultancy services worldwide with, if required, the deployment of temporary (calibrated) high accuracy test instrumentation. Among our clients are Independent Power Producers (IPP’s), EPC contractors, the process industry as well as governmental and municipal authorities. Approximately 75% of the team’s turnover is generated outside the Netherlands.

Digital bus-based measurement system

For the reliable and accurate determination of heat rate and efficiency, an in-house developed measuring system is used. After many years of reliable service, the old (analog) measuring system was upgraded and replaced. CerTa Veritas has developed a flexible, new measuring system which is based on the proven standards Foundation Fieldbus and OPC communication technology.

Why a new measurement system?

Modern digital instruments have advantages above analog instruments. As soon as a physical variable is converted in the (local) instrument to a digital value, no additional uncertainty will be added in the remaining signal path to the data acquisition system, as  digital communication is applied between sensors and data-acquisition units.

Due to the digital field bus system, that also powers the instruments, cabling and debugging cost for a test measurement setup will be considerably reduced in comparison to classic systems with analog signal transmission to the data-acquisition units. It also enables advanced, quick configuration and diagnostics of the instruments in the field. All this leads to lower cost for the performance test preparation on-site resulting in a more attractive offer for our clients.

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How does it work?

The Foundation Fieldbus configuration requires a minimum amount of cables to be installed in the field. It is digital two-way communication over the wires that will also power up the test instruments. OPC is a standardized communication technology which is commonly available in today’s distributed control systems (DCS). These proven technologies allow a shorter preparation time and require less labor for installing. The components and cabling are all compact, light-weight and robust, making it safe to work with.

Basic diagram set up new measurement system (click to enlarge)

The new instrumentation will be in accordance with the latest industrial standards, meeting the requirements for accuracy as laid down by the applicable test codes (e.g. ISO and ASME-PTC) and can be deployed in hazardous areas (Eex/Atex certified). Not only are they robust and have a high stability, they are also equipped with a very advanced self-diagnosis system. By using these self-diagnosis functions, warning signals and alarms can be generated in a very early stage, hence preventing malfunction and/or misreading.

Configuration and operation of the new instrumentation and acquistion of the measurement data will be done with ThermoWare, an in-house developed ‘thermodynamic’ software tool (by former PTM team of KEMA). ThermoWare provides capability for on-line verification of both measured (dP, P, T) as well as calculated process variables and parameters (mass flows, efficiency, etc.).

Key Benefits

CerTa Veritas’ upgraded performance test measurement sytem will result in the following benefits:

  • Lighter configuration of new performance test equipment, resulting in reduced cost for transportation of test equipment
  • Less time required for mounting and dismantling of performance test instruments
  • Minimized delay in scheduled test program in the event of an instrument malfunctioning because of self-diagnostic functions
  • Possibility to deploy performance test instruments in Eex/ATEX classified zones
  • Possibility to collect on-line performance test data from clients DCS through OPC protocol

IMG_0040 CV office gateview




First step of transport of test equipment from our office in The Netherlands to test site in Chili