Dynamic Simulation

Dynamic Process Simulation

Dynamic simulation of (power/heat/energy) plant processes and their controls can amongst others be used to analyze and improve the control behaviour of the plant. This is especially important for (new) processes for which there is no or not much experience yet, and for which a proper control is important. If an adequate control strategy is not yet sufficiently known or if the control settings are very critical, it is recommended to perform a dynamic simulation, to explore and improve the overall  system (dynamic) behaviour.  Dynamic process simulation enables control engineers to easily evaluate the effect of alternative control parameters and/or strategies, before applying them in the actual control system. The response on rare (but possibly critical) malfunctions of components can be simulated, to investigate the response of the plant (without bringing the actual plant into a risky situation). If necessary the control and/or interlock parameters (or strategy) can be changed until a proper response is achieved. Only then it will be applied in the actual control system. In general this saves time, achieves best control performance and prevents risky situations.

For such dynamic simulation a representative process model in combination with an accurate control model is of utmost importance. Such modelling requires (dynamic) modelling experience and a proper simulation tool. CerTa Veritas has resources in this field with relevant experience, who would like to support you with your particular simulation/control problem.

Example of an (dynamic) model representation of an compressor station with anti-surge control. The red lines are the output signals from the control model (that is not shown).
Simulated dynamic response of anti-surge control on a failure of discharge valve ROV6
Simulation of the anti-surge control signals as response on a failure of discharge valve ROV6

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