Polar plot app for easy detection of non-uniform combustion in gas turbines

CerTa Veritas has developed a new app in their historic data-analysis tool MagicCorr: a polar plot for simultaneous presentation of the history of comparable process variables. The polar plot can for instance be used to show in one graph an overview of the course of (e.g.) 24 exhaust gas temperatures of a gas turbine over (e.g.) a full day. Furthermore, it enables to easily focus on interesting or ‘suspicious’ values on a particular time by easy selection of that time using a slider bar. The selected points can be connected by lines so that uniformity of all temperatures can be assessed at a glance.  This tool will help power plant operators and GT service providers in easy detection of non-uniform GT combustion, and can be the basis for condition dependent maintenance, enabling (requests for) adjustment of the combustion to optimize GT performance and expander lifetime.

For further information:  Process Data Analysis