Reduce your invisible energy losses by our new steam trap testing service

Since 2022 CerTa Veritas has added a new testing service to their services portfolio: Steam Trap Testing. Often overlooked but indispensable, steam traps (in Dutch: “condenspotten”) play a vital role in the continued proper functioning of steam-based processes by removing condensate, air, and other non-condensable gases. Proper functioning of steam traps prevents the wasteful escape of steam, ensuring that energy is utilized optimally for the steam driven heating, industrial processes, or power generation. By promptly removing condensate, steam traps help maintain the desired temperature and pressure levels within processes as well as preventing water hammer with accompanying erosion issues, thus promoting the longevity and reliability of the entire steam system. From an energy efficiency point of view and to save on energy costs, it is very important that condensate removal is done without excess steam slip. CerTa Veritas new Steam Trap Testing service can quickly identify leaky or otherwise defective steam traps, enabling our customers to apply condition dependent maintance to bring the steam system in optimal shape again, preventing the further leakage of money and unnecessary CO2-emissions. A must for good energy management! For further information click this link: Steam Trap Testing.